Wine & Cava

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Speciality Olive Oil


Our wine specialists at Conrisa Gourmet have travelled to the finest Spanish wine regions including the Rioja and Ribera del Duero, which are known for their Tempranillo production to select quality wine for your enjoyment.  Available by the bottle or the case, find out more about the array of tastes that await you...

Spain is not only the largest producer of olive oil in the world, it now boasts some of the world's finest oils. We have travelled across the country selecting the finest first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Like fine wine, each brand has its own distinct flavour. Unlike supermarket oils, these pressings have a complex vibrant taste that will change how you think about olive oil...

Gourmet Cheese


Cheese is a tradition in Spain that goes back several generations. Each cheese is unique in its flavour, colour, aroma, and texture, as each of the varieties have a distinct recipe and production method. Cheese production differs across Spain, depending on the region's history, traditions, and curing secrets.  Let us guide you through the delights of Andalucian cheeses...